If you are going to visit the United States in the near future and have no notion of places to stay, you should immediately start searching for some information. Or you can read our article and be ready to start your trip whenever you want.

The main thing you should remember is that USA hotels and motels are two different definitions. They are different not only in price or amenities. They are two completely opposite things. Thus, it is very important to understand what you’re waiting for from your future trip and what exactly you should plan before setting off on a journey.

Our article is going to help you to make the final decision about the places to stay. No doubt!

Hotels and Motels in the USA

Planning your trip to the USA should always start with accommodation.

A motel is a combination of two words – motor and hotel. It is a type of accommodation which provides online the half of the hotel services. When motels originated, they were the only places to stop and rest for weary explorers and drivers.

A hotel came from a French word and meant a place to eat and sleep mainly.

The appearance of hotels and motels are very different. Hotels can be both very small and huge. Motels usually have one or two floors and an open space, which is leading to the rooms. Hotels are closed spaces. Hotel owners pay special attention to the general architecture, style, and decor of the buildings. While all motels look very similar to each other. They are not intended for long vacations. Usually, travellers stop at motels for a night or two to have a rest after a long road.

The service in hotels and motels is something, that differs the most. Hotels offer a wide selection of services. Here you can find a massage service, a spa, an outdoor/indoor pool, bar, restaurant, laundry, fitness room, jacuzzi, etc. Motels offer definitely much less. Usually, it is only a room and a cup of coffee in the morning. Thus, the prices are different too.

Hotel accommodations are much more expensive than the rooms in the motels. But the main advantage of the motels is that most of them are located in remote areas, where you can’t find even the smallest hotel. That’s why they are more practical for those who like to travel by car and to make small breaks only to rest and sleep.

So, if you are going to travel to a very long distance in the USA, you should be ready to stay in a motel if there are no hotels nearby. Plan to have some food with you as most motels don’t have a breakfast included in their services.

And the last, but not the least, we can recommend a few good hotels and motels in the USA for you:

  • The Sebastian Hotel, Colorado
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, DC
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Orlando
  • Wigwam Motel, Arizona
  • Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho