A hotel can be much more than just a simple room to stay in while travelling. And the US hotels prove this fact better than others.

Staying in unusual places can make even the dullest trip the most unforgettable and pleasant experience in your life. What is so special about sleeping in a luxurious room with modern design and elegant decorations. You can do it anywhere in the world. But really cool and unique places are a very few situation. So, why not to treat yourself and to visit one of such places at least for a weekend. Inexpressible emotions are guaranteed.

So, let’s look what the most unusual American hotels are.

Top 7 Most Unique Hotels in the USA

The Liberty Hotel, Boston. This place wasn’t always a hotel. It has very long and unusual history. Previously this historic landmark was The Charles Street Jail. Its story has started in distant 1851. Besides this, The Liberty Hotel has a magnificent view over the city. You will definitely enjoy watching the sunrises and the sunsets from the balcony of the hotel room.


Winvian Farm, Connecticut. If you enjoy spending time in the fresh air, watching beautiful landscapes and wild nature, you will definitely love this place. The hotel looks like a real farm from your childhood. It has 18 cottages, homemade food, and amazing fitness and yoga service. And what about a tree house? If you have always dreamt of a small cottage on a tree, Winvian Farm can make your dream come true.

The Library Hotel, New York. We all used to the fact that there are libraries in most hotels. But what about a hotel in a library? This hotel contains 60 rooms, divided by the thematic collections of books. You will definitely never be bored here.



Honor & Folly, Detroit. The hotel, which feels like home. The actual hotel is built in a coffee shop. The rooms are small but very cozy and homey. All rooms are represented in a retro style with some kind of a chic.



The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho. This hotel will be interesting for both children and adults. The building looks like a giant dog. But that’s not all. The room design and decor are inspired by the dog theme too. It is definitely a real paradise for the dog lovers.



The Shady Dell, Bisbee. This hotel definitely doesn’t look like a real hotel. It is not even a real motel. The rooms are vintage trailers with white and black TV and old music on the radios.



Metro Hotel, California. This is a small, cozy hotel, reflecting the atmosphere of Parisian streets and charm. The building itself is a historic place. It was created 140 years ago. Inside the hotel, you can find a small cafe in a French style. So, if you don’t have time to visit France this weekend, go to Metro Hotel in California. A French atmosphere is guaranteed.